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Daily Tasks/Shared Living Bkp

Daily Tasks/Shared Living Bkp

Flexi Support Care wants to see you reach your goals and become the best version of yourself. We can provide support staff to assist daily tasks and shared living. Flexi Support Care helps in a range of areas when this has been funded by the NDIS. Personal Care involves helping a client with:

  • Bathing, toileting or other hygiene needs.
  • It can also involve things like feeding, dressing.
  • Help with medications.
  • Moving around in your own home.
  • Meal Preparation & Planning.

Get Support with Daily Tasks Shared Living under NDIS in Perth

Tasks That You Can Accomplish With Our NDIS Daily Tasks and Shared Living Assistance in Perth?

Choose our NDIS daily assistance in Perth since:

To know more about the daily tasks shared living support service, send an email to [email protected]

How can you make daily tasks and shared living under NDIS in Perth simpler?

We at Flexi Support Care Pty Ltd providing NDIS daily tasks and shared living in Perth will personalise the support service to make your life simpler.

Can I get personal and household support in your daily tasks and shared living under NDIS in Perth? 

Yes, in our daily tasks and shared living under NDIS in Perth, you will get support with personal and household tasks.

Can I develop the necessary skills with your Perth NDIS daily tasks and shared living assistance service? 

Our Perth NDIS daily tasks and shared living assistance is provided with proper planning. So, you can expect to get the necessary skills developed.

Schedule a Discussion With Us

To fix an appointment regarding daily tasks and shared living, call 1300 587 647 now. To book online, click the ‘Make Appointment’ button and fill out the form.  

If you want to complete your daily tasks in your shared space, you will need to connect with Flexi Support Care Pty Ltd since we have the required experience in this field. Moreover, our assistance with daily tasks and shared living under NDIS in Perth is comprehensive and will help you reach your goals. So, if you want to reach your goals, we are here to meet your goals. For this reason, you will need to hire our support workers without delay.

Our seasoned support workers will customise the support service to help you perform various tasks in your shared space. We will also assist you with the tasks step by step so that you can complete them without taking any support. So, stop your search for NDIS shared living and daily tasks in Sydney services and choose us now.

By hiring our NDIS daily tasks and shared living assistance service in Perth, you will be able to accomplish:

So, as you can see, our daily tasks and shared living service are all-inclusive. For this reason, choosing this will be beneficial for you.

Why Take Up Our NDIS Daily Assistance in Perth?

FAQs Regarding Daily Tasks Shared Living under NDIS in Perth

Why Choose Us

We work from a model focused on human rights and strength-based approach

We are here to service your needs in doing so we will ensure participant access supports that promote, uphold and respect their legal and human rights and are enabled to exercise informed choice and control.

Cost Effective

We offer personalised care service with cost-effective options, including overnight respite.

Quality Service

Flexi Support Care guarantees to provide professional services that are transparent and responsive to the needs of our participants.

Experienced Staff

Our staff are all qualified, highly experienced and meet regular training requirements. One of our priorities is for you to have the same carers attend your services.

Vast Choice

Flexi Support Care can take care of all your home and healthcare needs including Personal Care, Nursing, Gardening, Domestic Assistance, Social Support and Care Assisted travel.

Our Values

We continuously improve our capabilities and aim to provide flexible services for clients’ changing needs.

The satisfaction and delight expressed by our care recipients and their families speak volumes of our high service quality and responsiveness.


We believe in treating our customers with respect and dignity. By providing disability services and support, We practice honesty, integrity and business ethics in everything we do.



We remain answerable and responsible for every disability services and support we provide to every differently-abled individuals to all our business undertakings.



Respect is at the core of everything we do and every interaction we do is underpinned by respect with our customers and other stakeholders.



We believe that everybody should be valued and treated the same and given the same opportunity to thrive

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