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Assist-Personal Activities

Assistance with Personal Domestic Activities in Perth

Developing the skill set needed to carry out our personal domestic activities is such an inseparable part and parcel of our daily life that we do not even mention it. The skills develop by default as we grow and carrying out these domestic activities by default gets into the system of our livelihood. However, things may be different if you have any mobility issues. You have the skills but exhibiting them independently might be a bit difficult for you. This is where we at Flexi Support Care Pty Ltd.would chip in with our NDIS assistance with personal activities in Perth.

So fret not! Just get in touch with us by dialling 1300 587 647. Our support workers will take into account your lifestyle, the needs, goals and preferences of your life to deliver customised support package. We will make sure our assistance with personal domestic activities in Perth suffices your needs, helping you to lead the life of your choice, with self esteem and as much independence as possible.

How do our Support Workers Make Difference?

Our support workers offering NDIS Daily Personal Activities in Perth will not just serve you with professionalism. They will serve with care and compassion, empathy and dedication. This will make all the difference in your life.

What does our Assistance with Daily Personal Activities in Perth include?

We offer a wide range of assistance with daily personal activities in Perth, which may include but not restricted to assistance with:

Some pertinent questions to ask our support workers

Will you provide NDIS funding management assistance while offering NDIS Assistance with Personal Activities in Perth?
Yes, we do provide funding ,management assistance while offering NDIS Assistance with Personal Activities in Perth. But we do not deal with the fund. You or your nominated individual would manage it. We only assist you in managing the funds.
Will you offer 24×7 service?
Yes, our NDIS Assistance with Personal Activities in Perth involve 24x7n as well as time-bound assistance. This depends on the condition you are in and the extent of support you need.

A changed life is just a Phone Call Away!

Call us at 1300 587 647 to set up a meeting with our experts before you hire them. Or you can email us at [email protected] for further details about us. See how we are your gateway to a better life!

Why Choose Us

We work from a model focused on human rights and strength-based approach

We are here to service your needs in doing so we will ensure participant access supports that promote, uphold and respect their legal and human rights and are enabled to exercise informed choice and control.

Cost Effective

We offer personalised care service with cost-effective options, including overnight respite.

Quality Service

Flexi Support Care guarantees to provide professional services that are transparent and responsive to the needs of our participants.

Experienced Staff

Our staff are all qualified, highly experienced and meet regular training requirements. One of our priorities is for you to have the same carers attend your services.

Vast Choice

Flexi Support Care can take care of all your home and healthcare needs including Personal Care, Nursing, Gardening, Domestic Assistance, Social Support and Care Assisted travel.

Our Values

We continuously improve our capabilities and aim to provide flexible services for clients’ changing needs.

The satisfaction and delight expressed by our care recipients and their families speak volumes of our high service quality and responsiveness.


We believe in treating our customers with respect and dignity. By providing disability services and support, We practice honesty, integrity and business ethics in everything we do.



We remain answerable and responsible for every disability services and support we provide to every differently-abled individuals to all our business undertakings.



Respect is at the core of everything we do and every interaction we do is underpinned by respect with our customers and other stakeholders.



We believe that everybody should be valued and treated the same and given the same opportunity to thrive

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